Damaged or Defective Stairs

NYC Injuries from Damaged & Defective Sidewalks


Missing or defective handrails, faulty flooring, and other hazards can cause serious accidents on stairways. A stairway slip and fall can lead to head trauma, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, sprains, and other debilitating harm. This can, in turn, lead to expensive and extensive medical care, the need for ongoing treatment, missed work, and a host of other problems.

In the midst of the turmoil following an accident caused by damaged or defective stairs, you can find guidance in the team at Silbowitz, Garafola, Silbowitz, Schatz & Frederick, L.L.P. Our New York City stair accident attorneys are highly experienced with premises liability lawsuits related to defective and dangerous stairways in residential and commercial properties alike, across all five boroughs. We can advise you on who may be liable and how to move forward with a case.

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Who is At Fault for a Stairway Accident?

When an individual suffers injury because he or she tripped and fell as the result of the negligence of another party, their first step needs to be to determine who is at fault. In many cases, the property owner will be held responsible due to failure to act on a known hazard.

If the condition of the defective stairs leads to the injury of another person, they should file a claim to pursue full and fair compensation.

A skilled premises liability attorney can investigate the details of your case to assess the following:

  • Who is at fault
  • How much you are owed
  • What course of action should be taken

What Causes Stairway Accidents?

Different types of hazards may cause stairway accidents. These include:

  • Cracks, protrusions, or other stair defects
  • Lip of staircase not attached, causing a tripping hazard
  • Slippery or defective staircase flooring
  • Ice or water on stairs
  • Improper lighting on indoor or outdoor stairways
  • Defective or missing handrail
  • Improper stairway design (uneven steps, or steps that are of improper height/width)

Building code violations, negligent maintenance, and other types of property owner wrongdoing can lead to stairway defects, resulting in serious injuries to unsuspecting victims. Fortunately, you can hold at-fault parties accountable by involving an NYC stairway accident lawyer from our firm. We can get involved quickly to preserve evidence and protect your rights to maximum compensation, no matter the efforts made by the property owner or their insurance provider to counteract your claim.

If you or a loved one is in need of legal assistance in dealing with a stairway accident, contact our law firm at (800) 498-2782 as soon as possible for a free case evaluation.

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