Misdiagnosis of an Illness or Injury


The only way to properly treat an illness or injury is to correctly diagnose it, and in a timely manner. The average person simply does not have the training or education to understand what certain symptoms may mean, and an internet search can yield a range of alarming and often incorrect results. We rely on medical professionals to diagnose our medical conditions so we can receive the treatment we need, and if they are negligent in doing so, they should be held responsible.

Misdiagnosing a medical condition can have serious or even deadly results. At Silbowitz, Garafola, Silbowitz, Schatz & Frederick, L.L.P., we stand up for the rights of patients and families who have suffered harm due to medical misdiagnoses. It starts with a free initial consultation, where a NYC misdiagnosis lawyer will talk to you about what occurred and whether you may have grounds for a case. We will answer your questions and take the time to help you understand your options.

Misdiagnosis of an Illness or Injury

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Actual Medical Malpractice Cases Involving a Misdiagnosis

The following are actual exhibits prepared for a case handled by our office involving the misdiagnosis of a sphenoid sinus infection, where the treating Neurotologist/ENT negligently diagnosed the patient with Otosclerosis. We used these exhibits to exemplify the nature of the malpractice and the injuries incurred. Exhibits like these are essential in properly explaining complicated medical issues to jurors and we routinely prepare and present exhibits like these in our trials. The jury in this case awarded the plaintiff $8.6 million in damages.

Misdiagnosed? We Have the Experience & Technical Know-How to Help.

Cases involving the misdiagnosis of an illness or injury are complex, without a doubt. Fortunately, our New York City medical malpractice attorneys have their own understanding of these cases as well as access to medical experts who can help us build compelling cases and evidence, such as in the case shown above, that help us secure the results our clients need.

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