Howard will fight for what is right!

I casually knew Howard and his family as our sons competed against each other, wrestling for rival High Schools. I started out knowing the personal side of the family. How nice they were, supportive, cheering for my kid who could ultimately go up against their son. All I knew was a wonderful supportive family with two great kids.

When my husband had a huge issue with a dentist, I didn’t know IF I had a case. Honestly, I didn’t even realize what type of law Howard even practiced.

I contacted 2 lawyers. One couldn’t be bothered and the other was just too overwhelming. I reached out to Howard for advice. I knew from the first phone call that Howard was the lawyer to go with. He cared, he took the time, helped walk me through the process, being open and honest with each step. He was the same person in the office as out of the office! He is keeping me updated on every step and has told me what to expect. We are still very early in my case but I know Howard will fight for what is right!