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Mass Tort Drug Litigation

Pharmaceutical companies manufacture and market hundreds of new drugs each year, which the Food and Drug Administration regulate, test, and approve before allowing them to reach the consumer. Despite these precautions, every year over 200,000 people die from using these drugs. While some of these dangerous medications are recalled, many remain on the shelves for purchase or prescription long after problems have been detected. Drugs such as Fen-phen, Neurontin, Propulsid, and Zyprexa, were responsible for serious illness of thousands of people. One major area of the concern for consumers should be dietary supplements which do not require FDA approval to be marketed and sold to the public.

By law, drug manufacturers are strictly liable for injuries if the product they sell is defective or unreasonably dangerous. If there is a problem with the manufacturing and the product is flawed or if proper warning of potential side effects is not given, then the manufacturer is responsible for any resulting injuries. Even if the manufacturer does give adequate warning, they are liable if they knowingly market a drug that has dangerous side effects.

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