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Edward M. Rappaport

Edward M. Rappaport was a Supreme Court Justice of the State of New York, from January 1, 1990, to December 31, 2003. He presided over criminal cases, negligence and wrongful death cases, mal practice cases, commercial matters and equity cases.

Before Judge Rappaport was on the bench, he had a Law Firm, Rappaport & Frost. The firm practiced all areas of law. Judge Rappaport supervised a staff of six attorneys and was the managing attorney. Judge Rappaport is a well known and respected attorney in the practice of criminal law. He served as Chief Counsel to the Patrolman’s Benevolence Association of the Police Department of the City of New York and to the Detective Endowment Association.

Judge Rappaport was appointed an Assistant District Attorney in May 1962. He served in the Investigations Department, Grand Jury Indictment Bureau, Criminal Court and Supreme Court. In 1969 he became Deputy Chief of the Criminal Court Bureau and in 1971, Chief of the Investigations Department. Later in 1971, he formed the first Homicide Bureau in the Brooklyn District Attorneys Office. He served as Chief of both bureaus up until 1975, when he left to become Chief Counsel to the Police Benevolence Association and the Detective Endwoment Association.

Since leaving the bench, Judge Rappaport has been counsel to numerous law firms. He has used his expertise and knowledge in both Civil and Criminal Law to represent clients in trials in the Supreme Court.

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