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Airplane Accidents

Commercial aircraft are plans designed and operated to transport passengers or cargo in exchange for material or monetary compensation. Federal and State regulations require that these, and other types of common carriers, exercise a higher standard of care than their private transportation counterparts. The minimum requirement for flight training and safety procedures is much stricter for employees operating and working with commercial aircraft. . If anyone lacks in any of these areas mistakes are likely and serious accidents can be the result.

International statistics report hundreds of plane crashes each year and most of these result in serious injuries and death. Among some of the common causes of these accidents is error on the part of the pilot or air traffic controller, mechanical problems and airplane manufacturing defects. All of these causes create a condition of liability for airline involved. Of course, some accidents are due to extreme weather conditions beyond human control. Even when extreme weather conditions combine with other factors and cause an accident, the airline and its insurance company may be held responsible for any resulting damages.

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