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Airplane, Boating, and Railroad Accidents

While we often hear about how people are injured in automobile accidents across the state of New York, we don’t often hear about how often individuals are involved in other kinds of vehicle accidents. Victims of airplane, boating, and railroad accidents are entitled to the same legal protections as those of motor vehicle accidents, but most individuals are unaware of what options are available to them.

Legal Options Available to Airplane Accident Victims in New York

Federal regulations require commercial aircraft as well as other forms of common carriers to exercise a higher standard of care than private transportation. There are strict requirements for training and safety procedures in place for employees operating and working with commercial aircraft. Anyone who has not studied these guidelines or has forgotten them overtime poses a serious threat to the citizens of New York.

Hundreds of airplanes crash each year, resulting in serious injuries and even death. Some of the most common types of accident occur due to an air traffic controller or pilot negligence, mechanical problems, or manufacturing defects.

All of these conditions create liability for the airline. While weather conditions can cause accidents, airline insurance companies can be held responsible for any resulting damages.

Protection Provided to NY Boating Accident Victims

As water travel and leisure becomes increasingly popular, the likelihood of an injury also increases. Depending on the waterway, there may be cruise ships, Navy ships, yachts, or even fishing boats nearby. Due to the growth in water traffic and the variety of vehicles present, injuries due to boat related accidents are occurring more frequently in Oneida Lake and Seneca Lake as well as along the coast line.

Water vessel laws are enforced by the Coast Guards in a manner similar to how traffic laws are enforced by the police

If an accident occurs in the water, it is important to determine what caused the accident. An investigation is usually conducted to determine if the rules of the waterway were being followed at the time of the incident or whether negligence played a part. Depending on these findings, the victim may be able to secure compensation to help with their recovery.

Railroad Accidents in New York

According to the Federal Railroad Administration’s Office of Safety Analysis, over 1,000 accidents involving trains were reported in 2009 throughout the state of New York. Some of the most common reasons for the accidents were human error, as well as defective signals, tracks, or equipment.

Although trains typically travel along railroads, they often cross the paths of other vehicles at various intersections. For years, railroad crossings have been one of the most common areas for severe and fatal collisions between trains and people.

Train operators have far fewer options available to them than drivers or pedestrians if they see a collision is imminent and, adding to the danger, operators are unable to stop immediately or change direction.

When the driver of a car or a person on foot does not show proper regard to safety around railroad crossings, they place themselves in danger of serious injury or death. There is often nothing a train operator can do to avoid a collision, which is why the train conductor is responsible for ensuring that the railways and all the crossings are maintained and operated in a safe manner. It is also crucial for them to run in accordance with railroad safety laws.

If you are injured in any type of accident involving a train, you may be able to recover compensation to help with pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and property loss. When you chose to ride on a train or be around one, you did so with the expectation of a certain level of safety. If that level was not met, you deserve compensation.

How to Handle Airplane, Boating, or Railroad Accidents in New York

No matter which type of accident you are involved in, it is important to seek immediate medical attention. All of these modes of transportation are often cause major injuries, and if you do not receive treatment quickly, you run the risk of causing further injury

Although you need to focus on getting the medical care you need, it is important that you act quickly as you have a limited amount of time to file a claim . After receiving medical care, you should report the incident to the police and contact your insurance company and the insurance provider of the other parties involved.

It’s also important to gather evidence from the scene of the accident. This often involves taking photographs, obtaining police reports, getting the contact information for witnesses, and evaluating the circumstances that lead to the incident.

Was there a malfunction in equipment? Was someone behaving negligently? Did the weather prevent a person from seeing clearly? All of these factors can influence your legal argument and should be taken into account.

Committed and Experience New York City Representation

Although these forms of transportation are generally safe, a negligent or reckless act can put the lives of many individuals in danger. Victims of these types of accidents often experience extensive injuries. Their suffering is further compounded by large corporations or agencies refusing to offer them fair settlements for their injuries.

Having an experienced New York legal team on your side can make a world of difference. Our highly skilled lawyers have all the resources and experience needed to take on even the most powerful opponent. We work diligently to secure full compensation and, in some cases, do so without going to trial. The efficiency practiced at New York Lawyer helps injured parties secure the finances they need to pay their obligations, continue receiving medical attention, and return to their lives.

Professional and expercienced legal representation can eliminate the burden of gathering evidence, taking photographs, and collecting testimony from witnesses, allowing you to completely focus on your recovery. Our legal team understands the struggles you are dealing with as a result of your accident. We are dedicated to presenting the strongest legal case imaginable on your behalf.

Whether we are presenting a case to the insurance adjustor or in court, our legal team works to make sure the citizens of New York receive the maximum compensation possible for the damages they sustain.

If you have been injured in an airplane, boating, or railroad accident in New York, contact our law firm today at (212) 354-6800 for a free case evaluation. We will work hard to ensure your legal rights are protected under any circumstance.