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Gabriella Catanese Suffered Serious Injuries in Fire Truck Accident

Gabriella Catanese Suffered Serious Injuries in Fire Truck Accident

Posted on May 19, 2018

Gabriella CataneseYou have probably heard of many accidents involving a vehicle and another vehicle. The same can be said for those involving motorcycles and more. But what happens when you collide with a government-owned vehicle, like a police car or fire truck? Do these cases work the same way and do you have the same rights?

A woman, Gabriella Catanese, collided with a Fire Department truck in Huguenot and now alleges that the city and FDNY are liable for her serious injuries. At this time, her injuries have not yet been specified. Her Jeep collided with a truck from Battalion 23, damaging the entire front end of the Jeep.

Two other firefighters were injured in the accident and taken to the hospital. The injuries were not life-threatening. Catanese’s lawyer says that she had a green light when the two vehicles collided. The lights and sirens were not on the fire truck at the time.

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