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Arthur Panish, Former Spanish Teacher, Killed in Pedestrian Accident

Arthur Panish, Former Spanish Teacher, Killed in Pedestrian Accident

Posted on May 16, 2018

When a car strikes another human being, it can lead to disaster. When a walking pedestrian is up against thousands of pounds of metal traveling at high speeds, there is no way to truly avoid injuries. Pedestrians have luckily walked away from pedestrian accidents at times, but others fall victim to these horrific accidents that take lives.

A homeless man frequented the streets and was hit by a vehicle, only to then be identified as a former Spanish teacher, Arthur Panish. 75-year-old Panish passed away in the accident due to massive head trauma only a couple days after the incident took place. He was struck on Interstate 16 by a vehicle.

His sister claims that he was the type of guy who just wanted things to be good and fair. She believes that his life told a story of how anybody can become homeless.

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