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Vehicle Accidents Involving Common Carriers: Buses, Taxis, and More

Vehicle Accidents Involving Common Carriers: Buses, Taxis, and More

Posted on April 3, 2018

If you’ve been in New York for any period of time, you have probably utilized transportation services at some point. Some of the most common types of transportation that people use in New York include buses, taxis, trucks, and more. When you utilize common carriers and their services, you expect to get the best service, and the safest service – however, this is not always the case.

What happens when you have sustained serious injuries due to the actions of a common carrier driver? Drivers are supposed to always provide a safe vehicle to keep their passengers safe from harm, give a reasonable degree of attention, and drive safely, which means abiding by the law at all costs. If you have been injured in one of these accidents, you may wonder how you can prove your claim and receive damages in your time of need.

The things that you must remember include the following:

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care
  • They breached this duty of care
  • The breach led to your injury
  • You suffered damages as a result

Have you been injured in an accident with a common carrier driver and you believe that all of these elements have been met? You may wonder where to turn when it comes to your claim. At Silbowitz Garafola Silbowitz Schatz & Frederick, we are here for you in your time of need. Call us today for more information on how we can assist you at 888-393-2465.


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