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New York Pedestrians’ Rights to Compensation

New York Pedestrians’ Rights to Compensation

Walking across a New York crosswalk can be perilous, as exemplified by another pedestrian accident that transpired last month. Igors Cerenoks, a 49 year old Monroe, New York resident was hit by a Toyota Yaris which was headed north as he was crossing River Road at Hopper Avenue. Mr. Cerenoks incurred critical injuries to his head and his legs, and was immediately rushed to a hospital after the said accident. An emergency surgery was performed on the victim at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center located in Paterson.


Staci Callea, 46 years old, was driving the Toyota Yaris with her 15 year old daughter when she accidentally hit the victim. According to the police report that was released, Ms. Callea was not under the influence of alcohol during this incident and the reason why she failed to stop her car at the crosswalk has not yet been established. There was also no proof that she was distracted during that time. Road conditions were said to have not played a part in the accident.


The accident was caught on security camera. The footage shows how the Toyota Yaris violently hit the victim, who was thrown back towards the road side. The car that hit Mr. Cerenoks was damaged on the hood and windscreen. The driver was consequently charged with reckless driving along with failure to yield right of way at a crosswalk.


It could be quite a challenge for pedestrians to trudge along the busy streets of New York City. However, most residents prefer to trek the streets as this is the easiest way to get from one point to another. Although the streets may be congested, getting hit by a car while crossing the pedestrian lane seems to be impossible, given their right of way.


Aside from the emotional and physical suffering of the victim, getting injured in this type of accident may result to serious medical expenses, and may even lead to loss of income. These expenses should definitely not be shouldered by the victim. Any pedestrian who has been seriously injured has the right to seek compensation. The law firm of Silbowitz, Garafola, Silbowitz, Schatz & Frederick will provide legal guidance and help the victims of these types of accident get compensated for all their pain and suffering. Contact their team today at 800 395 8343.