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Legal Rights of Construction Workers in New York

Legal Rights of Construction Workers in New York

The rise in the number of construction related accidents are proof that insufficient resources are allocated by city authorities into the administration and inspection of construction sites within New York City. The New York Daily News reported that accidents within jobsites increased by 31% last year from the previous year. Injuries from these accidents went up by 46%.


The Department of Buildings (DOB) admitted that it has downsized its supervision team within this period that it has started depending on the contractors to monitor and control their respective construction sites. Onsite inspections decreased by 40%, resulting to an increase in the number of construction site injuries by the same percentage. Within the same period, the number of citations handed out to contractors significantly declined.


According to DOB spokesmen, they relied on contractors to take responsibility and accountability of their respective sites and to alert them whenever they have any safety issues. Apparently, the trust bestowed upon these contractors only resulted to the rise in accidents and injuries within their industry. Because contractors are all under high pressure both financially and contractually as they need to get these constructions completed on time, workers’ safety has not been given high priority.


There seems to be insufficient sanctions and consequences to erring contractors. One contractor, for example, was caught violating safety regulations for several consecutive years. An inspection took place every time an accident happened wherein at least one construction worker was injured. Cornell & Co settled for only $7,000 following a third citation that proved their use of defective crane straps. Just after a year, the Federal Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) the same contractor was fined an even lower amount of $5,300 for a jobsite accident that led to a worker losing three fingers.


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