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Coffee Can Help Truck Drivers Avoid Road Accidents

Coffee Can Help Truck Drivers Avoid Road Accidents

A recent study conducted in Australia confirms that coffee is an effective stimulant for truck drivers driving long distances. Given the similarities in weather conditions and distances, this study may be applicable to the truck drivers in the United States. According to this study, which was recently released in the British Medical Journal, drivers who took a cup of coffee before driving had less chances of getting into an accident compared to those who did not drink coffee by 63%.


Over a thousand drivers participated in this controlled survey and the results reflect the number of drivers who encountered an accident within the last twelve months. The study did not provide a hard conclusion, though, as to whether drinking coffee is in fact a harmless for truck drivers considering that most of them also take other drugs when driving long distances. Fatigue is also another factor to take into consideration.


Reports from the U.S. National Highway Transport Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that driver error is the main cause of 9 out of 10 truck accidents within the United States. Fatigue is said to be one of the main contributors to these accidents. Taking drugs such as amphetamines and other stimulants is a usual practice of truck drivers to prevent them from dozing off during very long travels despite the fact that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) prohibits them from taking any controlled drugs and prescription drugs without prescription.


The National Transport Safety Board warns that over fifty percent of prescription drugs may lead to side effects that may affect the drivers’ concentration and safety while on the road. Prescription drugs that control high blood pressure and cholesterol levels are just a few of those with the worst side effects such as drowsiness, impaired vision, and even amnesia.


Most of the time, truck drivers go through immense stress and pressure as they often spend long hours on the road by themselves and have tight deadlines to get their deliveries to their destinations on time. These things are enough to push these drivers to take risks just to perform their duty. Particularly in the state of New York, most road fatalities are caused by trucks, and the main causes are fatigue and drug use.


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